From all the Gwent cards currently in existence, Coen is definitely my favorite card when it comes to meme cards. In every patch, there is always a weird Coen pile hidden in my deck-builder. I always loved Coen because if used correctly, it has the potential to pull-off massive combos with a lot of points.

“The famine happened, but it wasn’t the fault of the Soviet Regime”.To summarize, I’d use quotation mentioned above, it was a fuck-up of monumental proportions. The problem that “Soviet Regime” is too vague of a term. Communists like Khruschev put responsibility on Stalin.

This is where carbon taxation can be both a blessing and a curse. One part is that it sends a signal about the real price of something. The countervailing problem is that it suddenly lets people know that their lives are cruel shams propped up by a bizarre system that may well include resource exploitation, violence, oppression, and so forth. Since we generally feel keepkey like we’re good people trying to be normal members of society, this almost inevitably leads to furious denial, as it has for the last 500 years. In the case of resorts, this also means creating the necessary infrastructure to make the place tourist friendly. This includes sanitation facilities and water treatment plants for the local population and tourists alike.

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Some spins have greater odds of unlocking certain characters over others, meaning if you’ve got a favourite in mind, you’re told how you can boost your chances. Published by Nintendo and developed by DeNA, Dragalia Lost is a really diverse game, having crossed over with properties like Monster Hunter, Persona, Mega Man, Fire Emblem, and even Princess Connect in the past. That’s a lot of gacha potential already and certainly enough to make it one of the best gacha games around. It’s time to read up on the best gacha games around. Whether you like to pull for characters, equipment, or just some cute outfits, gacha titles are an exceptionally popular and infinitely rewarding style of mobile game with enough genre variety to appeal to nearly everybody. As for regulation, there’s a fair subset of regulation that I’d characterize as counterproductive.

Instead, this side-scrolling JRPG instead focusing on its story. You play as Aldo as he and his sister Feinne encounter a time-warping Beast King, who propels Aldo centuries into the future. You explore its 2.5D world on foot similar to a SNES-era game like Secret of Mana, with random turn-based battles kicking in as you explore the wilderness.

Now, if the guy wasn’t incompetent and a lousy human being, it’d be a bit better…but…maybe people may try more sensible stuff after the snake oil doesn’t work. I’m hoping the Republicans are on their way to becoming a regional party by 2020. By 2030 or 2040, we might have something approaching center left and center right. The problem is the name, “Tragedy of the Commons.” Do you argue that commons can’t work, because of this name? That’s like arguing that cooperation is impossible because only prisoners do it.

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So yes, putting elderly care for 1st world people into 2nd and 3rd world countries can improve their care or reduce the costs or both as the wage rates there tend to be much less. A Pinkhouse is a new type of indoor farm that grows crops using pink-colored light. Rather than bathing plants with white light , a Pinkhouse uses a mix of red and blue light.

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“These numbers, anyway, don’t match the demographic slump in the developed countries of that time, which are visible with naked eye – which is what I pointed out several times already.” If multiple people with, as already demonstrated, different educations in the same subjects, do not understand your argument, it is the height of arrogance on your part to continually repeat “everyone is wrong except me”. The real question you should ask yourself is whether anybody is still paying attention to it, because after a few days of nearly total inactivity it seems that the crowd has more or less migrated to the next thread. So the risk you’re running is that nobody will read your comment anymore. We have our own seasons, ranging from the wet tropics that have “dry” and “wet” seasons (guess what they’re like 🙂) through to the central desert countries that have variable calendars with variable seasons within them.

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China is a prime example of such logic – a lot of people claim that China economic boom only happened because of foreign investors, so they should stop resisting politically and give up the control of their country to US billionaires and their corporations. Uranium extraction from seawater is proven experimentally, cost estimates run between $100 and $300 per kilogramme of uranium at the moment. There are about 4 billion tonnes of uranium in the world’s oceans in total. Right now yellowcake ore from mining costs about $50 a kilo. That’s presuming active recycling of spent fuel in what is hopefully a less expensive process than the current PUREX-based reprocessing lines. To grow sufficient quantities of food and produce in an indoor farm, crops have to be stacked.

“Out of anti-communist bias, historians use a ridiculous method to calculate deaths”Tis but a misconception here. Those historians who strongly engaged in anti-communist bias, are not historians, and vice versa. TBH, the method is actually ridiculously inaccurate in this case.I’m pointing out that the method they use is SOP for calculating deaths in circumstances where more reliable records don’t exist, or aren’t trusted. I’ve given multiple examples where this method has been usedWell, my question is why these SOP weren’t applied to Great Depression or population variations in other countries and territories (the economic crisis obviously wasn’t limited to US or UK only). Probaly the reasoning being “if there wasn’t famine then there’s no need to look out for famine”.

“The Economist” have released their democracy index for the year, there’s a whitepaper if you sign up. But it’s widely covered so here’s the kiwi take on it. Shockingly Aotearoa is still fourth despite making no changes to the systems of government. Australia is 9th, the UK 14th and the US 25th . Given the area’s need to have the soil under sod, it might make sense to have vast bison ranches there too. The problem is that, since grain from the area is exported, this could lead to food shortages in the Middle East and elsewhere, so making the Ogallala region sustainable and non-farming could trigger an uprising somewhere else.

My family went to some lengths to ensure that my grandparents didn’t experience that but it was only cheap in comparison to the cost of hiring live-in care. Had been curious about playing around with the light/dark cycle and just found this article which suggests considering yet another variable when looking for ways to improve garden production efficiency/production. To me the most relevant part of this study is that you can shorten the growing ‘day’ to 18 hours … AbstractMeeting food demands for the growing global human population requires improving crop productivity, and large gains are possible through enhancing photosynthetic efficiency. Photorespiration can reduce C3 crop photosynthetic efficiency by 20 to 50%.


I also have a small trailer but it’s a pain to hook up just to move a lawn mower and some gas cans to another house 5 miles away. Sadly bicycles can also generally stop faster than motorists can, which means we have to be very aware of what’s behind us should we need to do an emergency stop . That’s not physics, BTW, that’s simply that most people sitting in a nice comfy chair in a nice comfy room listening to the music they like or chatting to a friend, are not also paying close attention to the task of operating dangerous machinery.

Is this how you treat knowledge out there, just learn it and never understand any meaning of it? Which is complete and utter bullshit and Nazi propaganda – no you made a completely false “explanation as to why not. And, you have just called me, &all the other people saying that the Holodomor was deliberate … Nazis. Be very careful what you say. Capitalist plutocratic regimes, you see, are striving on self-deprecation, and in the same time they have a huge problem. They often have the same failures as other societies do, and fail to learn the lessons. They are forced to suppress the internal reasons of discord, and in the same time they are forced to promote the same reasons in their opponents.

Reducing the size of the inedible parts of a plant could also be a strategy for increasing food production efficiency. For Brexit – May will delay the Brexit vote and threaten an extension + referendum if it fails. That’ll bring the Brexiteers in line – but probably not enough to pass. By this point, business will be well and truly panicking.

Cabinet members warned Donald J. Trump that shutting down the federal government would make it exponentially harder for them to steal from. Let us say that we are intimately aware of the issues of dementia, care homes, nasty people taking advantage of the old to twist their minds and the late stage affects that include aggression, and projection. Medieval wheat was a lot shorter than ancient Egyptian wheat, for example.

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My wife was there in the early 70s as an army brat and 20 something. Chinese people are leaving Manchuria for the Southern cities, and Japanese are leaving Hokkaido and Tohoku for the “Japanese core” between the Kanto and Kansai (Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe) regions. Europe seems to be the exception here, with the movement being from S. Europe towards Germany, Benelux, the UK, and Scandinavia. On the US level, there’s the Green New Deal, which has polling support from voters across the US political spectrum. When the dust settles from all the lawsuits against the current crop of developments , I’m fairly sure sprawl will lose.

Sadly no country yet has marriage equality/consent-based marriage. By historical and global standards, that’s pretty damned good. It gives me courage in the face of political and environmental horrors that I can’t pretend don’t exist and helps keep my rage against the evils of the world in check. Which is not to say I’m not a very angry man, but I manage. We met a lady who knew my wife’s mother and remembered her from when they were pre-teen.

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