Please refer to the Technical Reference Manual for more details. Determine if you want to use existing device drivers or create your own. You can find a list of available Intel SoC FPGA device drivers on Many custom-purpose microprocessors have embedded Linux kernel support. Linux is the most commonly used open-source operating system .

A Smart NIC card implements most of the network traffic processing on the NIC itself that would necessarily be performed by the CPU (i.e Operating System) in the case of a traditional NIC card. We consider Linux to be an important skill, and we strongly encourage you to learn it to improve your job prospects and your overall understanding of how development works. You’re likely going to be hindering yourself if you don’t learn at least the basics, but how deep you decide to dig into the topic is up to you. Part of the power of Linux is that it’s simple and modular. The core of Linux doesn’t need much to function, and virtually anything can be built out from that core. On Windows, if you forget to cap a loop you crash your machine. If you delete a critical file, your computer fails to boot.

Create Your Own Project

Aim to submit a simple refactor or documentation patch before you write a driver. Add any custom drivers to the Linux kernel source and make the necessary additions to the kernel configuration. IT Security Specialist Use the SoC EDS and GSRD source tools to build the preloader or U-Boot. is the starting point for all GSRD binaries and project examples for Intel SoC FPGA development kits.

Once you are familiar with the kernel APIs and how to use them, jump right into the source code of the subsystem you are interested in. You can also start writing your own plug-n-play modules to experiment with the kernel. By default, GitHub shows results for the list of repositories.

How much do Linux kernel developers get paid?

Meanwhile, you can opt for various online & offline resources such as GeeksforGeeks, etc. to master the Data Structures and Algorithm concepts. Meanwhile, this article is recommended to all those individuals who want to contribute to the largest open source project Linux kernel. However, Kernel development is not so easy and it requires a lot of patience and hard work. The kernel is a critical part of the operating system, so it requires a deep knowledge of the particular domain. In the cases where you aren’t able to find an easy answer, there are tons of Linux-focused communities around the web.

how to become a linux developer

Finally, for those of you who like to know about every Linux distribution, your site of choice should beDistroWatch. It tracks every — and I mean every — Linux distribution out there. By my count, there are about 600 distros today, and most of them are still being actively developed. If you really want to Razor Developer Express Inc know Linux, you want to read everything I’ve ever written — well, maybe not. But there are sites you should bookmark if you’re a Linux pro. CompTIA Linux+ certification is also handy for getting your first Linux sysadmin job. CompTIA offers a variety of classes to help you master Linux administration.

Get Started

Depending on the development board and tool version you select, the tasks available under the Select a Task pull down vary. Most of the tasks you can complete are shared among development boards. Linux OS drivers offer a high-level device abstraction with minimal effort. You can build Linux drivers to provide user space access into custom user peripherals in the FPGA fabric. Embedded Linux support sites, such as, provide new and advanced users with getting-started guides, design examples, and community forums. Numerous companies contribute to the open-source embedded Linux with continuous kernel compatibility updates and advanced tools.

These courses can give you a good foundation if you have no previous computer programming experience. The same school programs can also offer courses that will prepare you for the Linux®+ certification; this credential is considered helpful for many entry-level Linux® programmer jobs. Completing a minimum two-year computer science degree with an emphasis in Linux® programming will qualify you for a range of opportunities as well. To become a Linux Kernel Developer / Maintainer, you’re required to have a fundamental knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithm. An algorithm is usually a step-by-step approach to solve a specific problem, whereas Data Structures is concerned with the way of organizing data. These two concepts help programmers to solve the problem within less amount of time and memory. The understanding of Data Structures and Algorithm concepts will help you in finding the optimal solution for a specific problem.

TUTORIALS 》 Roadmap – How to become Linux Kernel Developer – Device Drivers Programmer and a Systems Software Expert

A lot of things already discussed in detail are only recorded at the mailing list archives. These are daily snapshots of Linus’ kernel tree which are managed in a git repository (hence the name.) These patches are usually released daily and represent the current state of Linus’ tree. They are more experimental than -rc kernels since they are generated automatically without even How to become a Project Manager? Project Management a cursory glance to see if they are sane. The file Documentation/process/stable-kernel-rules.rst in the kernel tree documents what kinds of changes are acceptable for the -stable tree, and how the release process works. This is the recommended branch for users who want the most recent stable kernel and are not interested in helping test development/experimental versions.

how to become a linux developer

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